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Introducing Al-Finjan: our newest weekly series

Introducing Al-Finjan: our newest weekly series

Sabaho, DGFAM!

Welcome to Al Finjan ☕️ our brand new blog/email series. 

In Arabic, the word finjan means coffee cup - in other words, life's a real headache without us. 

So subscribe to alleviate your headache (especially after those presidential debates earlier this week). 😒

But really though, we want to fill your cup with real and identity affirming content. Unlimited refills - on the house. 

Before launching Al-Finjan, we surveyed hundreds of our DGFAM, listeners living in several different countries and all across the U.S.

And while our Arab or Muslim community is diverse in every possible way, one thing was pretty consistent in our conversations: our community members feel regularly misrepresented (& even vilified) by mainstream media.

Most people expressed that they often feel desperate for content that accurately reflects their stories, let alone affirms their identities. 

With this series, we want to do both of those things. Through our bi-weekly Finjan refills, we'll engage you in identity affirming, accurate content for and by us. It's honestly our pleasure.

Subscribe for free refills.



Oct 19, 2020

Can’t wait 🤍


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