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We never wanted to be known as a clothing line, DGFAM

We never wanted to be known as a clothing line, DGFAM

Listen, we know what you're probably thinking.

"Why have you taken this long to start selling merch?!" 


We've teased you enough with our hat photoshoots, pictures of us in our cute crop hoodies, and asking you to vote on some of your favorite logo designs. We know, we know...we took forever.

The truth is, we've taken this long because we never wanted to be "Dearborn Girl, the clothing line." We wanted you to know what we were about, to find value in our mission before we ever tried to sell you anything. 

Over a year into our work, & we're excited to finally launch our shop for these reasons:

1) we are confident in our identity as a media movement that happens to have an awesome clothing line, &

2) we've spent months testing high quality garments & embroidery quality with a local Arab/Muslim owned company (shout out to the Baidoun family @ Pride Ink)

3) all of our concepts to date have been designed by Dearborn Girls

As always, we are so excited to hear your feedback on our movement. You can expect new designs every month, & if you support us through our membership, we will give you access to exclusive designs before we release them to the public! 

We can't wait to engage with you in new ways, and we hope you are just as pumped as we are for all we have in store.

A TOKEN OF DG GRATITUDE: for the next couple days, you'll take 20% off the entire store using the CODE: WEARITPROUDLY at checkout. 

As always, thank you for your ongoing support, & happy shopping, DGFAM.

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