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Welcome to the revolution: are you with us?

Welcome to the revolution: are you with us?

Welcome to the revolution. We're so glad you're here. Now are you with us?

For those who are just recently getting to know us, we'll be publishing a post pretty soon to get you caught up on all you've missed.

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A quick recap, before we let you in on our 10-year vision.
We founded Dearborn Girl in 2019 with a some pretty ambitious goals:
  1. rebrand the Dearborn Girl identity. In other words, to drown out all of the negative connotations & stereotypes that made us grow up feeling ashamed of all that we are. We think we've hit the ground running with our rebrand.
  2. carve out REAL and identity affirming media space for & by Arabs or Muslims in America, starting with Dearborn & expanding across the nation. after only 3 seasons, DG content is currently streaming in over 70 countries, and in over 1,400 cities around the world. but we're not nearly done reclaiming our stories.

We are currently working on building DG's umbrella company, Thawra Network (that explains all this thawra merch!).

Thawra is a multimedia company that represents Arabs and Muslims through identity affirming content & groundbreaking stories. We are working to be the Blavity equivalent for Arabs or Muslims in America, & are currently in two accelerators that provide us funding and mentorship to get off the ground.

By 2025, we will have dozens of platforms like DG, catering to different segments of our Arab or Muslim American user. & By 2030 *DRUMROLL* Thawra Network will have TV series like Ramy, and even feature length films. We'll basically be the Arab & Muslim household's one-stop-shop for positive representation.

But we really can't make any of this happen without your support, DGFAM.

Here's how you can support the movement:

  • the most obvious & immediate way to support us is to become a member. paying members are critical to the lifelong success of a company, & any company as young as ours needs this support the most! 
  • providing us your feedback (constructive is always welcome) is invaluable to helping us grow and ensure we are meeting your needs. we always want to know what's working and what's falling flat.
  • sharing our posts (like this one) and connecting us to people in your network who may be interested in what we're working on.
  • collaborating! have some cool projects you think we can partner on? we love getting engaged with our communities across the country, & some of our fondest professional relationships come from these collaborations.
Thank you for making it this far, & we are so grateful to have you by our side. Welcome to the Thawra - we hope you'll stay a while.


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